Ahearn, Bill. Muskets of the Revolution and the French & Indian Wars. See my post on Bill and his collection on the main page from October 2014.  This is a great book, and Mr. Ahearn is a true gentleman, as well as a first-rate collector.

Anderson, Fred.  The Crucible of War. 

This is not light reading, but it does an excellent job of placing the detailed events of  North America he narrates into a global political and societal context.

Anderson, Fred.  A People's Army.

Barsotti, John J., ed.  Scoouwa ; Janes Smith Indian captivity Narrative - Ohio Historical Society - This is another classic account of a soldier captured after Braddock's defeat who lived with the tribe that captured and adopted him for several years.

Brumwell, Stephen.  White Devil.

Flexner, James.  Lord of the Mohawks. (Other editions titled Mohawk Baronet). This is an excellent biography of one of the most remarkable men in colonial American history, a man who began with nothing, and climbed his way to one of the richest men in North America, an English baronet, and a full member and leader of the Mohawk tribe.

Gale, Ryan.  A Soldier-Like Way.

Goldstein, Eric. The Brown Bess; An Identification Guide and Illustrated Study of Britain's Most Famous Musket. This is quite simply the best book on variations of the Brown Bess that I have ever seen. Excellent color photographs and great comparisons of locks and other details that make identification and differentiation of Brown Bess styles a snap. One word of warning: after reading this book, you will become a Brown Bess snob and at least subconsciously, you will look for that Long Land Pattern in a reenactor's hands, and you will feel a faint twinge of disappointment when you see "Grice, 1762" on his lockplate.

Kraft, Herbert C.  The Lenape-Delaware Indian Heritage  

Mullins, Jim. Of Sorts for Provincials.
This is an excellent quick reference for both novices and knowledgeable readers alike.  Profusely illustrated with color photos, it gives a great deal of information.  Whether you pick it up to answer a specific question or just to drool over the photographs, it is rewarding.

Nash, Gary.  Red, White, and Black. - This is a revisionist look at the settlement of North America.  Although Nash clearly sympathizes with First Peoples and attacks the standard narrative of Anglo-American settlement, he has a lot of detailed and thought-provoking material.

Penn, William. William Penn's own account of the Lenni Lenape -Middle Atlantic Press

Rettig, Donald R.  Observations on the American Backcountry 1728-1836.
Richards, Jay.  Flames along the Delaware. 
This book, directly narrating events in NJ during the French and Indian War, has a good deal of information about the NJ Frontier Guard.  Much of it is taken directly from well-researched contemporary newspaper accounts. The one criticism I have, is that although Richards gives a good bibliography, he does not give specific footnotes.

Ross, John.  War on the Run:  The Epic Story of Robert Rogers and the Conquest of America's First Frontier.

Seaver, James E., ed.  The Life of Mary Jamison - one of the classic captivity narratives.

Sipe, Hale. The Indian Chiefs of Pennsylvania and The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania  

Styles, John.  The Dress of the People: Everyday Fashion in Eighteenth Century England.


Rivinus, William M.  The Red Man in Bucks County

 Wallace, Paul A.W.  Indians In Pennsylvania 

 Weslager, C.A.  The Delaware Indians   

 Note;  Check out The Wennawoods Publishing Co.   -Lots of good stuff!
Zeisberger, David. History of the Northern American Indians in the 18th Century-Hubert and Schwarze Wennawoods Publishing co.
These are merely a beginning.  Come back for additional titles as I remember them, or other unit members give me suggestions.


  1. You should check out the book 'Colonial Tribulation' highlighting the NJ Blues Reg. during the F&I War. I am the author and would appreciate you sharing it with the public. Thanks! Greg Casterline.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check it out.

    2. Where is the book available?