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The Muzzleloading Forum - a lot of great info on black powder shooting, history, clothing and accoutrements.

"A Constant Patrol," New Jersey's Line of Defense in the French and Indian War - a National Park Service online brochure/exhibit.  A lot of good info on the forts along the Delaware in Nj and Ny, particularly in the Delaware Water Gap.

NJ Skylands- "Hampton's Map" by Robert Koppenhaver.  Link. Good info on forts, and nice photos and maps.

The New Jersey Ranging Company -Dunn's Company.  Cpt. Hezakiah Dunn's Company was raised in 1757, some say at least in part out of  NJ Frontier Guard soldiers.  The unit was sent first to Albany, then to Stone Arabia in the Mohawk Valley, until the terms of enlistment expired in 1758.

Wulff's Dispatch. The blog of Matt Wulff, leader of Wulff's Rangers.

18th Century Material Culture Resource Center: this is a great source of primary image slideshows - a real boon to reenactors.

Hunting Guns in Colonial America: some nice details and pics.

Frontier Forts:  article on NJ border forts from the New Jersey Herald 

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