Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ron's Cabin

Our newest  member, Ron, sent me these pictures of his cabin.  It's a Swedish-influenced
structure, built of rough-hewn 6x6 squared logs.

 Even the chinking is a lime/sand mix in order to keep the cabin as authentic as possible.
Like originals, Ron used no nails in the construction of the walls. The end result looks cozy and a step back in time.  This is a small cabin - 8' x 10' - so it would be a bit small for a family, even with the different standards of privacy and space in the eighteenth century, but for a lone hunter or settler, it would make a beginning until something larger could be built.  The Daniel Boone birthplace near Reading, PA, has an original cabin that is, I believe, 14' x 19', so even family cabins tended to be far smaller than what we regard as minimum requirements today.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kidding Around at Hoff Vannatta

Our younger members were at Hoff Vannatta on Sunday, showing off kids' toys and games to a large number of younger visitors.

The toys and games were a hit, even with some of our adult members...


...who took part in the games, acquitting themselves with the best of graces.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Firing Demonstrations at the Hoff Vannatta House

One of the most popular demonstrations that the Frontier Guard does is firing volleys, or in this case rolling volleys.  Many visitors are unfamiliar with flintlocks, and the noise, flame, and smoke are always a crowd-pleaser.

A Busy Week

The members of the Frontier Guard had a busy week, with presentations on both Friday and Saturday.  On Friday, Capt. Doug Pitchell gave a presentation to elementary school children at the Oak Street School in Basking Ridge.

Saturday was the Spring Open House at the Hoff Vannatta Farmstead in Harmony.  The Guard set up an extensive display, and members were busy with large numbers of visitors all day.

Our newest member, Ron, joined us with his kit and gear already assembled. He looks great.


Eric, Bobby, and Doug kept a steady stream of visitors both entertained and informed, while I gave long-winded discourses on topics that I found interesting; I hope one or two visitors did as well.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hoff Vannatta Farmstead this Saturday

We will be at the Hoff Vannatta Farmstead in Harmony, NJ this Saturday, 10AM - 4PM for their spring Open House.

This historic farmstead is located on Route 519 in Harmony, NJ, near Belvedere.  For directions see here: Google Map

For the Hoff Vannatta website and for more information, click here!

Hope to see you there!