Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ron's Cabin

Our newest  member, Ron, sent me these pictures of his cabin.  It's a Swedish-influenced
structure, built of rough-hewn 6x6 squared logs.

 Even the chinking is a lime/sand mix in order to keep the cabin as authentic as possible.
Like originals, Ron used no nails in the construction of the walls. The end result looks cozy and a step back in time.  This is a small cabin - 8' x 10' - so it would be a bit small for a family, even with the different standards of privacy and space in the eighteenth century, but for a lone hunter or settler, it would make a beginning until something larger could be built.  The Daniel Boone birthplace near Reading, PA, has an original cabin that is, I believe, 14' x 19', so even family cabins tended to be far smaller than what we regard as minimum requirements today.  

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