Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dixon's Gunmakers' Fair 2015

One of the main events each summer for fans of muzzleloading and of history is the Gunmakers' Fair at Dixon's Muzzleloading shop in Kempton, PA.  Held the last full weekend in July, the fair attracts makers of fine guns, clothing, knives and tomahawks, horns, bags, accessories, and supplies.
My friends Chuck and Lori Beasley, of American Heritage Clothing, were there with a great selection of uniforms and clothing, as well as some firearms to sell.

As usual, prominent gun builders like Allen Martin and Kenneth Gahagan were in attendance. Allen is always a treat to talk with. He offered to buy my rifle back at the price I paid for it ten years ago, saying he could sell it for twice the price today - I declined.  His sons were with him this year, the next generation of gun builders, I hope.  

Eric Von Aschweg had some interesting news: he's going to be working at Colonial Williamsburg in the summers in the Gunmakers' Shop.  He's a nice guy and a skilled maker; he should be a great addition there.

Several former members of the Frontier Guard- Ted, Al, and Bill - were in attendance.  They decided to focus more on civilian impressions, the seventeenth century in particular.  

They've formed a group called the Colonial Living History Alliance. Check them out.

As usual, the displays of arms and accoutrements were impressive.

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