Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Few Pictures from Quiet Valley

Last weekend at Quiet Valley's Harvest Festival, the Frontier Guard put up our usual display of  French & Indian War-era items, depicting aspects of the material culture of both New Jersey soldiers and settlers, as well as items from the Indian inhabitants of the Eastern Woodlands, such as the Lenape and the Iroquois.

We had a steady stream of visitors throughout the day.  I have only a few photographs, taken at one of the few points in the day when we were not actively engaged talking to the public and demonstrating our items.

Quiet Valley is always notable for very nice displays of eighteenth and nineteenth century material culture, and this fall was no exception.  There were samples of delicious scrapple and sausage, made from pigs raised on the farm, demonstrations of linen production from flax - I picked up a bundle of waste tow and boon to use in starting fires - hat-making from rye straw, dyeing using natural vegetable dyes, and many other demonstrations of local history and farm life in centuries past.  Oh, yes, there was food galore - and very good food, too: sausage, Welsh cakes, pies, barbecued beef, and a host of other food. 

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