Saturday, July 15, 2017

A (very temporary) switch in Allegiance!

At the end of June, my children and I returned to Southeastern Pennsylvania for the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation's annual French & Indian War skirmish.  This is always a fun event, with two skirmishes around the historic farmhouse for the enjoyment of public and participants alike.

This year, however, was a bit different; the Indians did not attack!  Due to a combination of a big Revolutionary War event and family obligations, none of the interpreters who have portrayed the Lenape in the past were able to make it.  This means that the conflict devolved to the French Regiment de la Reine against British colonial Rangers and militia.

Unfortunately, the French numbers were low, with only three regulars and one Québécois militiaman to fight a force of about ten British Provincials.  I was wearing my blue suit - an outfit that could be mistaken for a French Companie de la Marine soldier if you squint - I became a "frog" for the public that day. My children occupied the plantation farmhouse, and screamed or fled at the appropriate moments. All in all, despite the lack of Lenape attacks, the public enjoyed the skirmishes, and so did we.  

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