Sunday, April 10, 2016

Now Recruiting Members!

The New Jersey Frontier Guard welcomes new recruits (and families).  

While eighteenth century recruits were expected to bring a good and sufficient firelock, a hatchet or cutlass, a powder horn, cartouch [sic] box, a knapsack or haversack, and a blanket, we do allow recruits to acquire these items over time.

A knowledge of eighteenth-century history, particularly New Jersey, is beneficial, it is not required at the outset, as long as you are willing to learn and share your knowledge with the public and the others in the unit.

A soldier's pay is two shillings per day (Provincial scrip), and there are other benefits.  The Frontier Guard also welcomes those who wish to portray associated personas, such as soldiers' families, sutlers, and armorers.

If interested, contact Capt. Doug Pitchell at or via the "Contact" page on this website, or introduce yourself at one of our events.  We will be glad to have you fall in with us!

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