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Muster Roll of the NJ Provincial Frontier Guard, 1757

Here is a copy of the muster roll of the Frontier Guard for one month during the  French & Indian War.  This is a valuable snapshot of the unit's membership, but on the other hand, as men enlisted for a month at a time, the roster most likely changed considerably, so what you see here may or may not reflect the membership in other months:

Muster Roll of the Provincial Forces Commanded by Capt. Richard Gardiner on the Frontiers of New Jersey from the 8th of June to the 20th day of July 1757

Gardiner, Richard (Captain)        .     
Wood, John (Lieutenant)      
Rickey, John (Lieutenant)      
Stull, John (Lieutenant)      
Butler, Samuel (Sergeant)       
Barton, Joseph (Sgt/Crp?)     
Chamberlain, Benjamin (Sgt/Crp?)    
Cole, Henry (Sgt/Crp?)       
Cooper, Henry (Sgt/Crp?)        
Freeman, Gilman (Sgt/Crp?)       
Haddon, James (Sgt/Crp?)  also sp. (Haddin/Headen) 
Hysom, Thomas (Sgt/Crp?)        
Ludlum, Creed (Sgt/Crp?)        
Malone, Richard (Sgt/Crp?)      
Munson, John (Sgt/Crp?)      
Pierce, Lewis (Sgt/Crp?)        
Riggs, Reuben (Sgt/Crp?)     
Terratt, Daniel (Sgt/Crp?)        
Vroom, Jacob (Sgt/Crp?)        
Abbot (Abbit/Abbet), James              
Adams, Alexander        
Avery, Alexander     
Benham, Absalom  
Bennett, Henry        
Bonum, Hezekiah        
Brink, Nicholas      
Brooks, Isaac       
Brown, Daniel      
Bruse, Alexander 
Bush, Anthony       
Chambers, Samuel    
Chestney (Chesnut/Chester) , Joseph      
Clark, James        
Cole, Abraham     
Colt, Abraham        
Cooper, Constant       
Davis, Daniel        
Davis, James       
Davis, John       
Decker, Hermanus (var)        .        .
Depuy, Daniel        .        .
Devoir (Devoor), Jacob        .        .
Devoir (Devoor), John        .        .
Doty, John 
Doty, Micajah     
Erwin, Luke      
Everfelt, Martin     
Falore, Philip       
Ferguson, Thomas   
Fish, Nath'l      
FitzWater (Fitchwater), Wm   
Grimes, Adam        .        .
Hailstiles (Hailstril), Peter        .        .
Hair, Philip        .        .
Hanson (Hansen), Henry (Hans)        .        .
Holloway, Elkanah       
Hopkins, Ephraim      
Hughes, Thomas        .        .
Hull, John        
Johnston (Johnson), Wm        .
Johnston, Edward      
Johnston, James       
Kennedy (Kannady), Charles   
Killam (Killham), Gilbert  
Mahurin, Othniel (Otho)        .
Man (Mann), George      
Marshall, Peter        
McLaughlin, Patrick        .        .
McNeil, James       
Mead, Stephen        .        .
Middah (Medah, Meddah), Ephraim        .        .
Middah (Medah, Meddah), Peter        .        .
Miller, Christeon        .        .
Miller, Wm     
Mordan, George        .        .
Morden (Mordan), Ralph     
More, George        .        .
Myres (Miers), Bastian (Boston)  
Nearpass (Norpus), Jacob      
Nightingale, Wm        .        .
Oppie (Oppy, Oppoy), Edward     
Pennington (Penneton), Jonathan        
Pew, Hugh        .        .
Pool, William        M        
Preston (Prester), John        .        .
Quick, Thomas        .        .
Quick, Thomas Jr.        .        .
Randole, Edward        .        .
Ray (Rhea), Moses        .        .
Rosacrans, Daniel        .        .
Rosacrans, Jacob        .        .
Sergeant, David   
Shick (Shack/Sheik), Adam      
Skinner, Daniel        
Skinner, Timothy      
Smith, Abraham      
Smith, Benj'n       
Smith, Henry    
Smith, John      
Smith, Peter       
Smith, Thomas    
Stonehover, Cornelius    
Swartwout (Swartout), Jacob       
Swartwout (Swartwart), Benj'n        .        .
Tack, Isaac       
Taylor, James     
Vanclief (Vancleaf/Van Cleff), John     .
Vangarder (Van Gordon), John        .        .
Vantyle (Vantuyle), Walter       
Vantyle, Hermanus (Herman) 
Walton, William (2)    
Ward, Hermanus (var)     
Wart, Henry
WestBrook, Abraham   
Westcoat (Weascoat), Jonathan 
Whitehead, Isaac        .        .
Wintermute (Windemoot), Leonard  
Wood, David        M        .
Wood, Jacob        .        .
Young, Angle (Angel)        H        "d. Sept. 7"

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