Friday, July 4, 2014

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation June 2014

On June 21, the Colonial PA Plantation held its annual F&I War skirmish.  This is the second one I've attended with my children, and it was a fun event, as it was last year. There were two separate skirmishes: in the one the French and their Lenape allies won (and I "died"), and in the second, we were victorious and annihilated the French, while the Indians melted back into the woods to lick their wounds.

The Plantation is a working farm dating back to the 1740's, and it's simply a beautiful location for a visit or skirmish.  It is open each weekend during the summer, with a multitude of events.  Most events are focused on the American War of Independence, but the F&I skirmish is a nice mix of action and education.

The British Provincials were a mixed lot, with the majority serving in the Chester County Militia. There were also several members of ranging companies, including one traveller from the Province of the Jerseys (me), traveling together with his children.

Our French opponents were far more cohesive and professional: the Compagnie de la Reine. The unit served in most of the engagements in North America.  Their mixture of European uniforms and and makeshift blanketing uniform coats speaks to the difficulty the French Monarchy had in supplying its soldiers in the face of the British navy, but the quality of the soldiers was superb.

The French were accompanied by a Coureur de Bois and four members of the Lenape tribe.  These warriors terrorized the inhabitants of Pennsylvania and New Jersey between 1755 and 1758, until the signing of the Treaty of Easton, which largely ended hostilities between the Lenape and the British, at least until Pontiac's Rebellion broke out in 1763.

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