Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Touching a Piece of History

Last Thursday evening, noted collector and author Bill Ahearn came to Washington's Headquarters Museum and gave a talk on muskets of the French and Indian Wars and the American Revolution.  The event, sponsored by the North Jersey American Revolution Roundtable, was well-attended, and Mr. Ahearn gave a very nice talk indeed, with excellent, detailed photos of long arms from Hudson Valley fowling pieces to rare 1730 pattern Brown Bess muskets,  and from a 1760 sergeant's carbine, to Wilson contract fusils.

Even better, he brought a large number of pieces from his collection:

A trio of rare Brown Bess muskets

A 1760 pattern carbine, most likely issued to sergeants...

A 1759 pattern Light Dragoon pistol

This was my favorite: a fusil made by Wilson of London. Part of a 1757 contract for 2,000 pieces for the Province of New Jersey,  this light and trim scaled-down musket saw service in both the F&I War and in Patriot hands during the American Revolution.

And yes, thanks to Mr. Ahearn's gracious nature, I not only got to examine the pieces, but to hold some as well.  My grin says it all.

Bill Ahearn's book, Muskets of the Revolution and French and Indian Wars has a wealth of detailed information on these pieces and many others.  It's a great source of information.  I suggest you pick up a copy; I have mine autographed.

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